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based on the teachings of Shai Tubali


Digital Ashram is a haven of silence, awakening and an open heart, in the midst of a hectic world

Who are you behind your social mask, your habits, your to-do lists? Discovering and fully awakening our true nature is the greatest gift of life. It leads to an experience of freedom, interconnectedness, compassion, clarity and inner power. We believe that this is precisely what is needed to fully face life’s challenges. All of these qualities are already dormant within you.

Based on the teachings of Shai Tubali, Digital Ashram is your invitation to explore this kingdom within you and bring it to bloom. From wherever you are.

Purposes of the Practice Group

We are on this earth to become consciously united with the Source of Life through Soul-liberation and to spiritualize the earthly domain

Both of these purposes are nearly unfulfillable in our modern lifestyle, and thus, a practicing Sangha that translates the teachings to an actual liberation path and a lifestyle is even more necessary.

Accordingly, these are the two purposes:

1. Following a path to Soul-liberation inspired by Shai Tubali’s teachings and practices

2. Creating a truly mystical way of life and a sacred environment, both individually and collectively

Fundamental Philosophy

A life centered on the personal self is suffering since it goes against the nature and meaning of life in the cosmos and in the Divine

Life is neither mine nor for me. I am a leaf on God’s tree (and in my deepest consciousness, the tree itself). The personal self needs to be understood as an illusion, thus it cannot be ‘killed’ but only dissolved in the face of reality.

As a result, life lived for my interests and personal satisfaction cannot lead to soul-fulfillment. Only a life of devotion and service that revolves around the Source of life can bring about bliss and love.

Shai Tubali

My wish is to show how the light of consciousness can be a powerful way to illuminate every dimension of our human experience.

When we tap into this expanded consciousness in us, we are empowered to become our own sources of wisdom and intelligence. I believe that spiritual transformation is not only about inducing abstract mystical states, and that it may be an essential key for our future as a race. Nowadays especially, we desperately lack any type of broader perspective. Humanity’s life-endangering challenges are met with a deeply limited way of thinking, without considering the quality of the mind that faces these challenges. As a result, while we are flooded with information, we still possess very little clarity. Consciousness is actually the source of ­clarity and it provides us with the ability to see the world with fresh, new eyes. My work strives to consistently
demonstrate this in many different ways, by using a great ­diversity of tools and addressing many dimen­sions of our existence.

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher– Shai is a prolific and renowned author, with 23 books published to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States.

In his teachings Shai makes use of ancient mystical knowledge to enlighten our human experience. He believes that transcendent states of consciousness have the power to pour meaning, depth, order, and clarity into our deeply complex and sometimes troubled life. In his work, I aim to clarify the principle of psychological and spiritual transformation as much as possible.

Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.

Manifestation of the Practice Group



A daily practice, which can be pursued individually, intermixed with practice in couples (recommended) and some online gatherings


Way of Life

Recommendations for a holistic way of life



A daily prayer/heart dedication


Chakra Path

A general orientation of life according to the 7-day Chakra Path

How to Join

The Practice Group is your free digital ashram

It is based on the teachings of Shai Tubali

Since the project is still developing, the basic requirement is that you have been practicing with Shai’s teachings for at least 2 years. If this is not the case, you are still welcome to contact us and you will be notified as soon as the space is opened to a wider public.


The Digital Ashram Sangha community is sustained through the mutual generosity of its teachers and practitioners, also known as dana.

By offering their time and wisdom, our teachers assist in developing your spiritual practice. Your dana, in turn help us to build and develop the Digital Ashram infrastructure.

Any form of generosity you can offer to co-create this Sangha space is welcome.

What awaits you


Regular Practice

A daily practice will help you embedding spirituality in your daily life and transforming your energetic, emotional and physical body


Profound Content

A selection of profound practices that can activate the energetic body, expand consciousness, and thus accelerate your spiritual evolution


Live Gatherings

Silent sitting with Shai Tubali, contemplation time, guided expansion sessions, and heart sharings.



Get active and participate in gatherings, make appointments to practice with others or support the building of the online community.